Our Services


At P.K. Pharma we are aware of the roadblocks one can encounter when it comes to pharmaceutical trade – various licenses are required, financial liquidity becomes an issue and most importantly, a reliable source and equally reliable customer is needed. In order to simplify all of these processes, we provide our indenting services to businesses looking to establish direct contact with manufacturers and vice-versa.

Because of our partnership oriented approach and our strong ties with suppliers / manufacturers from around the world, we have managed to form a global supply network for pharmaceutical intermediates and bulk drugs that allows us to negotiate priority delivery at the most economical rates. Furthermore, we make sure that:

  • The source is reliable, competent, and high-quality
  • Payment terms are favorable and flexible
  • We get the best pricing, regardless of quantity
  • The buyer-seller relationship is well-established, allowing recurring orders and long-term benefits


Every pharmaceutical product requires registration of some sort. While registration is mandatory, it is also cumbersome, and often highly nuanced based on geographic location. P.K. Pharma’s staff prides itself on being well-versed in all things registration related, helping register both new and old molecules with the appropriate regulatory authorities. We have managed to create a global network of local experts, who in turn know all the rules, regulations, and procedures in their respective countries.

As mentioned earlier, we like to offer an entire suite of services to our business partners. Therefore, once we have helped register new molecules/products on behalf of a foreign entity, we generally help the foreign entity market and distribute their products too.